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Businesses from Over 160 Countries are Admissible for a US Business Visa

A common misperception is that foreign companies can only hire Americans to manage their business in the USA. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

Any country that is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) can transfer key employees to the United States (including its owners) to help manage any aspect of their company and help ensure the success of its U.S operations.

The following key positions are admissible to obtain a U.S. Work Visa and U.S. Permit Residency (Green Card)

OWNERS: Sole owner of shareholder serving in an executive capacity

EXECUTIVES OF THE COMPANY: President, CEO, CMO, COO, Vice Presidents

MANAGERIAL STAFF: General managers, Sales Managers, Production Managers

SPECIALIZED SKILLS: Employees with a bachelor degree; OR post secondary degree and three (3) year’s experience; or who have received the companies unique in-house training on policies and procedures related to their products/services. These persons must be considered essential to their U.S. operations and can train future U.S. employees in relation to your business culture, policies and procedures.

Opportunities to expand your business to the U.S.

  • Acquisition (must have controlling shares thus, must own minimum 50% of shares with veto power for immigration purposes)
  • Joint Ventures/mergers (must have controlling shares thus, must own minimum 50% of shares with veto power for immigration purposes
  • Opening a branch office
  • Opening a subsidiary

Advantage for key employees being transferred. Your key employees are secure in the knowledge that they will not need to compete with Americans to keep their position. They will be more willing to move to the U.S. with their families and commit to your company long-term. Their spouse will be legally allowed to work and contribute to the family household income.

First Preference Permanent residency. Transferees and their depends are considered first preference during the Green Card application. Since they are considered essential to the success of the company, the company does not have to provide the necessary labor certification process and demonstrate that Americans are not available to fill the position

Spouses of key employees can obtain U.S. work authorization so they can legally work in the U.S. They can also obtain a social security number and the benefits accrued with obtaining your Social Security number. Children also may attend school without having to pay international tuition fees