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Since 1994 CANAM Immigration and New York Immigration law group provide international mobility and business immigration services to companies and multinationals, to ensure that their management team and their key employees are successfully transferred to the target country so they can contribute to the company’s success there. The International Mobility of the management team and of the key employees is crucial to the success of any business operating internationally. We secure all necessary visas and permits for the family to make sure your vision is reality.

Being a C-Level executive comes with certain benefits… and that includes international mobility! Canada, the United States along with most WTO member countries have set up special visas to allow C-Level executives greater mobility when conducting business. Whether it’s for a long term assignment or for a punctual mandate,  CanAm Immigration team and New York immigration law group have solutions to allow the best mobility for yourself or your executives. 

Advantages for C-Suite level executives

C-Suite level executives of businesses and companies expanding into the US or Canada are eligible to obtain visas for themselves as well as for their family. 

They are also admissible to privileged paths to obtain a permanent residency (Green Card in the US) 

C-Suite level executives are classified as being first preference for obtaining their permanent residency (Green Card), because they are essential to the success of the company’s operation in the US/Canada. The company does not have to demonstrate to the Labour Department that no American is willing and able to fulfill that position at the time.

Another great advantage for C-Suite level executives moving to the US can obtain Permanent Residence (Green Card).

C-Suite level executives who have demonstrated extraordinary abilities in business do not need to a job offer or be sponsored by a US company.

Extraordinary ability in business is recognized as such by the US :

  • Have received a major internationally recognized award, such as a Nobel Prize;
    OR have at least three of the following qualifications:
  • high salary;
  • employment in a critical or essential capacity for distinguished organizations.
  • national or international awards;
  • membership in associations requiring outstanding achievements;
  • published material about the applicant;
  • original scientific, scholarly, or business-related contributions of major significance;
  • authorship of publications in professional journals or major media;
  • history as a judge of the work of others;