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The most important asset of any company is its human talent.

As the World has become more Global, the war on talent has grown. As markets have opened up with Globalization, opportunities for companies to access these markets has become unparalleled. From helping companies with mergers and acquisitions, to opening franchises, plants, and offices in new markets, to transferring employees to the United States and Canada, we have seen it all.

Our difference is our track record. Most companies provide general references, we take it to the next level. 

To request a reference for your specific industry or situation, please click here and we can provide to you a bespoke reference. The confidence that the 7,000+ companies that have used our services allows us to be confident that we can meet your needs.

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Being a C-Level executive comes with certain benefits… and that includes international mobility! Canada, the United States have set up special visas to allow C-Level executives greater mobility when conducting business .

C-Suite level executives are classified as being first preference for obtaining their permanent residency (Green Card), because they are essential to the success of the company’s operation in the US/Canada.

Whether it’s for a long-term assignment or for a short-term mandate, our immigration team can support your executive team.

The North American franchise industry is valued at close to a Trillion Dollars a year. With the franchise model offers the highest rate of business success and lowest investment levels as compared to typical start-ups, it has become a desired model for thousands of investors.
Acquiring an existing franchise in US/Canada or taking a local franchise from your home country into these markets yields important immigration rights and privileges.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND OR SELL FRANCHISES, but we can provide support to franchise brokers and/or future owners in navigating these opportunities

Immigration and corporate mobility business planning is essential as well as a necessary part of conducting international business.  Strategic planning is crucial because it ensures your key employees, those essential to the success of the expanding Company and /or business, are where you need them to be, whether it’s in the U.S. or Canada.  Devising your immigration and corporate mobility business plan gives Senior Management all the pertinent information they need to efficiently expand their business in the targeted country – while giving you the time to work on your other tasks

The American construction industry is well structured and encompasses Unions and Non-Unions workforces. Two major construction associations represent over 40,000 construction companies (we are member of both associations). They will welcome construction companies from around the world because foreigners bring different ideas that can help the industry flourish.

US immigration authorises key employees to obtain US work visas and Permanent residency (Green Card). Every key employee responsible for the success of the overall construction project are admissible. Ex: Architects, Engineers in every aspect of construction, Chief executive officer (CEO), Chief operation officer (COO), Chief financial officer (CFO), Project managers and Middle managers.

Of course, the US immigration authorities expect all the construction workers (hands-on that will be performing the actual construction) to be Americans.

CanAm can assist you finding the subcontractors and the hands-on construction workers.

Expanding your operation in the United States or Canada requires planning and knowledge – which is our purpose of being. Allowing your company to expand into these markets allows you access to two of the best markets Globally.

Our team has created an in-house Immigration and Corporate Mobility Business Process that will allow your company to relocate key employees (including owners) to these markets to ensure the success of your company

Employees make or break business success. The employees carry out an organization’s mission and it is only through them that a company can affect the world around it. Thereby, it is paramount for the acquiring or merging company to make sure that their key employees can make it to the target country to

Through our white label solution, we can seamlessly integrate into the process and solve the “people puzzle within the transaction” – while ensuring that we do not interfere or impede the transaction itself.

Landing in a new country can sometimes be stressful and demanding – even for the most experienced business traveller. Since 1994, we have been helping companies understand the intricacies and taking advantage of the immigration opportunities available to them and their staff.

We fully understand the challenges you might have to face once in the US or Canada and we are able to assist you and your family every step of the way. Our “Welcoming Team” is specially trained to facilitate everything for you, from housing requirements to school admissions in order to make your transition as seamless as possible.

The E-1  or Treaty Trade visa is a non immigrant visa for citizens of countries that the US has a treaty of commerce with. While not all countries are eligible, business owners and investors from those that are may qualify if they meet several criteria.

Businessmen and their employees who are nationals of E1 Treaty Trader countries and whose business undertakes a significant amount of international trade between their home Country and the United States may qualify for this type of visa. The volume of such trade must be sufficient to provide employment in the US and the trade must constitute the majority of the trader’s international trade (i.e. at least 50% of the Trader’s exports/imports must be to/from the USA). There is no set minimum level of trade which is considered sufficient, but the level of business should be sufficient to justify employing a number of employees in the US.