Mergers and Acquisitions

A transaction in an international context must integrate the immigration component from Day-1. Trying to rush an immigration strategy at the end of a transaction inevitably leads to a number of employee applications being denied. You can avoid these problems and their complications by effectively integrating the immigration strategy at the beginning of the transaction, through the conception of a Business Immigration and Corporate Mobility Plan.

Business managements and companies’ boards of directors cannot take decisions if they don’t have the right information. With our Business Immigration and Corporate Mobility Plan, we aim to provide the deciders of a business or company with an accurate and complete snapshot of their rights and privileges in the context of conducting international business. With our Plan, the people making decisions will know who in their employee pool is eligible to immigrate and why. We will also tell you how to best organize your corporate legal structure in order to comply with the requirements of Canadian and American Immigration authorities.

Part one:

We will be structuring the legal corporate structure (for immigration purposes), with the assistance of your accounting firm or your accounting department. We will also define, with you, the key roles needed to support your project in the US/Canada. Doing so will permit you to be able to qualify and transfer your key employees into the target country.

Part two:

The most important part is detailing and documenting every aspect of the operations and management. This includes justifying why the key and specialized skill employees are essential to the success of the operations of business or company in the target country. By providing a clear picture of what are their job description in their home country is and what position they are expected to fulfil in the target country, we maximise the rate of success of their immigration applications.

Part three:

Defining and presenting short, medium and long term goals of the business or company. Providing a complete picture of the expected growth and the goals of the business or company will provide the Immigration authorities with the information they need to make a decision on your application.

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