Construction Industry

The American construction industry is well structured and encompasses Unions and Non-Unions workforces. Two major construction associations represent over 40,000 construction companies (we are member of both associations). They will welcome construction companies from around the world because foreigners bring different ideas that can help the industry flourish.

US immigration authorises key employees to obtain US work visas and Permanent residency (Green Card). Every key employee responsible for the success of the overall construction project are admissible. Ex: Architects, Engineers in every aspect of construction, Chief executive officer (CEO), Chief operation officer (COO), Chief financial officer (CFO), Project managers and Middle managers.
Of course, the US immigration authorities expect all the construction workers (hands-on that will be performing the actual construction) to be Americans.

CanAm can assist you finding the subcontractors and the hands-on construction workers.

For Canada, we can assist you in your visa needs, as well as potentially acquiring a Canadian operating construction company so you can be immediately operational and be operated by YOUR team. Our goal is ensuring your success and we will be there each and every step of the way

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